Garry J.D. Hubert – DOCA President 2020-2022

Garry Hubert is a Navy Brat.  His father’s career as a Chief Warrant Bos’n took the family around the United States including living in Norfolk, Virginia and San Diego, California.  His father’s last duty station was the Fleet Ready Reserve, Stockton, California.  Garry attended the local junior college before attending and graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Criminology.  Law school followed and he graduated with his Juris Doctor Degree from Berkeley Law in 1968.

Garry became a litigator in a small firm where he began practicing and specializing in insurance defense.  His next employment was as a Deputy District Attorney for Alameda County, California.  Prosecuting both misdemeanors and felonies, he tried traffic violations, driving under the influence, assault and battery, possession of drugs, petty thefts and other minor crimes.  When elevated to the felony trial staff, he prosecuted serious felonies such as robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, trafficking in narcotics, kidnaping, rape and homicide.  After the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, he became a Special Master for serving search warrants for privileged materials (medical records and attorney’s records).

Garry returned to private practice in an insurance defense law firm.  He defended insureds who were accused of various torts (civil wrongs) from automobile accidents, to defective product cases causing property damage, to earth movement cases, to defective construction cases, or any case in which insurance might be involved.  In one construction defect case, he represented a general contractor who was accused of constructing a defective high rise apartment building.  There were eight attorneys involved in the case.  The jury trial lasted for six months and set a record for the longest civil jury trial in San Francisco’s history at that time.  His client was found not liable by the jury who found the subcontractors responsible for the plaintiff’s damages.  In addition to practicing insurance defense, he was a medical malpractice defense attorney and a Neutral Arbitrator for Kaiser medical malpractice cases.

In 1996 Garry founded a small law firm that specialized in insurance defense and a subrogation practice.  Subrogation occurs when an insurance company sues a tortfeasor who has caused a loss to recover the insurance payments the carrier made to an insured because of the tortfeasor’s actions.  Once such subrogation case arose because of the Poe Fire.  The fire was caused by a dead tree owned by Pacific Gas & Electric Company which fell and took down a 12,000 Volt power line.  The subsequent fire burned 5,000 acres and 100s of homes, some of which were insured by his client.  PG&E paid $17,000,000 for damages to individuals, subrogation claims of insurance companies and the State of California for fire suppression costs.  With this successful start, Hubert and two other attorneys from the Poe Fire formed a joint venture which represented clients who were damaged by wildfires caused by the negligent acts of others.  The joint venture represented 100s of clients who were damaged by wildfires caused by PG&E, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, and other defendants.  Finally, after an enjoyable career, he is now a retired litigator after practicing the law for 51 years. He has been married for 59 years and has one surviving son and four grandchildren.


Robert J. Jans – DOCA Chairperson 2020-2022

Bob Jans is former owner and President of Cook DuPage Transportation Co., Inc., Chicago, Illinois, which provides transportation to the mobility limited in the Chicagoland area. He joined the United States Air Force in 1964 and was honorably discharged in 1968.

In 1968, he became Managing Director of Pengo Henderson Ltd., which manufactured augur drilling machines in Bristol, England. Returning to the United States, he became employed at Carey Limousine, Chicago, IL and became President in 1972. Having a vision of transportation for individuals who are mobility limited, he formed Cook DuPage Transportation Co. in 1975 and successfully obtained contracts with Chicago Transit Authority and subsequently Pace Bus.

He was a member of Rotary One 1977 to 1990, and is currently a member of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

VP Region 1 – Laree Mugler (OH)
VP Region 2 – Jeff Yundt (IN)
VP Region 3 – Linda Hogg (MT)
VP Region 4 – Cheryl Ball (CA)
Secretary/Treasurer – Johnna Grant (CA)
Past Chairperson – Michael Shyne (NM)
Past Chairperson – Vicki Churchward (IN)
President-Elect – N/A


  • Region 1
    • Director – Bob Hamill (CT)
    • Director – Lynn Reed (NJ)
    • Director – Ed Pilpel (CT)
    • Director – Larry Guido (FL)
  • Region 2
    • Director – Thomas Kane (MN)
    • Director – Scott Glaze (IN)
    • Director – Tom Ellis (IN)
    • Director – Maynard Oliverius (KS)
  • Region 3
    • Director – Bret Culbreth (CO)
    • Director – Jewel Lee Kenley (UT)
    • Director – Lou Kerr (IN)
  • Region 4
    • Director – John Curci (CA)
    • Director – Tom Roddel (CA)
    • Director – Leo Bustad (AK)
    • Director – Robert Van Schoonenberg (CA)
    • Director – Tom Tierney (ID)